Two New Reports for your Music Widgets

We recently added two new modules in our statistics reporting page for our music widgets. In case you didn’t notice them, you’ll find them towards the button of the page.

World Map
This provides a global view of where your views and clicks of your retail landing pages and widgets are coming from.

Sharing Stats
One of our most popular modules is Facebook/Twitter sharing that allows end-users to share your widget or retail landing page with friends on social media.  If you have this module as part of your widget, this reports will show the count and percentage breakdown of sharing activity on Facebook and Twitter.


Metablocks Widgets New Features & Fixes Update (2017-04-12)

New features and bug fixes in today’s build:

  • Widget search added and implemented to provide added SEO benefits (See example…)
  • Common searches now integrated into platform sitemap
  • Batch commands including Shorten all URLs, Delete All URLs and Optimize All added on the widgets page and can now be applied to all links associated with a widget.
  • Bugs fixed in the import links feature, plus other improvements made to provide better support for websites in general.
  • Artists in the Metablocks Artist DB (MAD) automatically recognized and integration hooks are automatically added to the management console.
  • Minor bug fix that sometimes caused beta invites to not work properly has been fixed.
  • Phase I of Google AdWords testing has begun and over 100 AdWords campaigns have been placed and being are compared to similar buys on competitors offerings (Linkfire, Toneden, i.e.). Beta testers will be informed if their widgets are in this control group.
  • Phase II of SEO testing as begun, Beta testers who have signed up for the Widget Platform SEO Case Study will be able to access it from their dashboards.
  • Support area now supports external links for help sources.
  • Additional Pre-save to Spotify (See approaches) options added.


Metablocks Widgets New Features & Fixes Update (2017-04-11)

New features and bug fixes in today’s build:

  • Introduced “The Optimizer” feature that sorts module links based on traffic or revenue.
  • Improved SEO support for widgets including a dynamic sitemap for the platform and other meta tag enhancements.
  • supported (via OAuth) completed and tab added
  • Added “Drag and Drop” support for changing the order of modules for Chrome and Safari users.
  • Added support for deep linking with the management console
  • Added RSS support for widget galleries, accounts, plus custom RSS feed for groups of modules (see more…)
  • Added new dynamic backgrounds include Glitch, Mesh (Dark and Light), Starscape (see more…)
  • Spotify URI support added in the management console for links and Spotify embeds.
  • Pre-save to Spotify module integrated with the Pre-Save platform.
  • Billing and referral program pages added and available for testing.
  • Import feature for Smarturl, Linkfire and Tonden pages updated.
  • Amazon S3 Secure download module added (users can download a secure file in exchange for their email)
  • Photo slideshow/gallery module and support added (see example…)
  • Administrators can now upload photos directly to their photo galleries and moderate them.
  • Minor CSS changes to improved mobile support for both widget and photo galleries.
  • OAuth support added.
  • Embed code (with and without background) for widgets now available from widgets page.


RSS Feed Support

We have recently introduced RSS Feed support for accounts and gallery on our platform. This means you can syndicate your widgets using RSS and access them using an RSS reader. There are a lost other applications for RSS as well. Here are some examples:

  • End-users can subscribe to your widget updates via RSS
    • Fans can get alerts every time a new widget is added
    Marketing automation and alerts using IFTTT or Zapier
    • You can send an email or perform any other IFTTT or Zapier action when a new widget is added to your gallery or account

    You can find the RSS Feed to your Music or Book Widgets in one of several places.

    Gallery Page
    If you are the administrator of a Gallery, you’ll be able to get your RSS Feed directly from your Gallery page (example: Features ) by clicking on the actions icon (wrench)  and selecting RSS Feed.


What are Retail Landing Pages?

Retail landing pages are a type of landing page, popularized by companies like Metablocks, Smarturl (Gupta Media), Linkfire and others. These pages are used primarily by the music and publishing industry to sell products available from multiple retail sources.  As a way of more fairly promoting purchase and streaming option, these pages have gained massive popularity.

The Rise of Retail and Streaming Options

The number of companies selling or streaming music continues to rise and has created a fragmented marketplace.  Major internet companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon all have music purchase/download (iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music) offerings as well as music streaming services (Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime) in addition to leading streaming providers like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Rdio, Soundcloud, Napster (Rhapsody) and a growing number of smaller services. Add to the mix, traditional retailers like Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and many others, consumers have 100’s of options to choose from.  Retail landing pages (and specifically Metablocks Widgets) are designed to help solve this problem.


Most Popular Link Shorteners Used in the Music Industry

Here are some popular link shorteners that are used in the music industry by music labels and artists.
This was probably the first link shorter offering aimed at the music industry from Gupta Media.  SmartURL was designed to help simplify the process of marketing online and enable smarter marketing. Features and functionality include Geo-Aware Links, Live Redirects, Collaborative Management, Real-Time Stats and Simpler performance tracking (IQid).  The company is a service of Gupta Media, based in New York.