Metablocks Widgets New Features & Fixes Update (2017-04-12)

New features and bug fixes in today’s build:

  • Widget search added and implemented to provide added SEO benefits (See example…)
  • Common searches now integrated into platform sitemap
  • Batch commands including Shorten all URLs, Delete All URLs and Optimize All added on the widgets page and can now be applied to all links associated with a widget.
  • Bugs fixed in the import links feature, plus other improvements made to provide better support for websites in general.
  • Artists in the Metablocks Artist DB (MAD) automatically recognized and integration hooks are automatically added to the management console.
  • Minor bug fix that sometimes caused beta invites to not work properly has been fixed.
  • Phase I of Google AdWords testing has begun and over 100 AdWords campaigns have been placed and being are compared to similar buys on competitors offerings (Linkfire, Toneden, i.e.). Beta testers will be informed if their widgets are in this control group.
  • Phase II of SEO testing as begun, Beta testers who have signed up for the Widget Platform SEO Case Study will be able to access it from their dashboards.
  • Support area now supports external links for help sources.
  • Additional Pre-save to Spotify (See approaches) options added.