Linkfire Alternatives

Linkfire provides “intelligent links” that help route fans to the music. These smart links are designed to word globally sending fans to country-specific iTunes storefronts.  There are a number of link shortening alternative work consider that are are significantly less expensive (or free), these include:


Flyt is a link shortener designed with the intention of tracking sales and helping music labels, book publisher, and other providers make money off of links. his works by giving the link creator a cut of the money made when a product is sold through that link. This feature is globalized, taking the user to the country-specific storefront. Another significant feature is API support which allows partners such as Metablocks to provide tight integration with platforms and product lines.

Price: Free (Pays for links)

Smarturl (Gupta Media)

This was probably the first link shorter offering aimed at the music industry from Gupta Media.  SmartURL was designed to help simplify the process of marketing online and enable smarter marketing. Features and functionality include Geo-Aware Links, Live Redirects, Collaborative Management, Real-Time Stats and Simpler performance tracking (IQid).  The company is a service of Gupta Media, based in New York.
Price: Free (Limited), $1,000/mo. (Enterprise)

Genius Link

Genius Link is a link shortener with customization and analytics as a focus. They support custom domains and vanity URLs. As well it has many options for insight on the analytics involving the use of the link. In addition, Genius Link has an API that allows developers to integrate with it.
Price: $9/mo. (Core), $99/mo. (Plus), $499/mo. (Power) is a free web platform that allows users in the music space to generate retargeting pools consisting of interested consumers/fans through clicks. acts as both a link shortener and a retargeting pool, allowing music markers to easily retarget fans. is a self-service platform and provides a viable alternative service focused on retargeting pools.
Price: Free

TheGenesis (Gravity4)

TheGenesis (a service of Gravity4) positions itself as a tool for record labels to convert artist social data into media sales, and the first ever direct-to-fan marketing flow platform designed for music. The Genesis puts an emphasis on generating audience data, cross-promoting arise audiences to increase sales, and convert their artist’s social influence into sale.
Price: NA