Spotify Codes + Beta Call

About Spotify Codes

Spotify has recently take a page from the Snapchat marketing playbook and added a new QR-Code like feature that enables you to share music via scannable images. The new Spotify Codes feature allows user to create unique barcode for every song, album, artist, and playlist.

This new feature is only available on mobile version of Spotify’s music application for now.  Users can scan these Spotify Codes with their camera from within the Spotify app (located in the Spotify app’s search bar) to instantly play that music.


Metablocks Widgets New Features & Fixes Update (2017-07-04)

New features and bug fixes in today’s build:

  • Phone Numbers now fully functional. Users with a paid plan can acquire and use phone numbers in their Metablocks widgets or standalone. Statics pages added that show number of calls, messages, opt-ins and other important stats.
  • Translation support improve. Ability to review, improve or modify existing languages added.
  • Improvement made to widget creation – audio URL now supports Spotify URIs and url validation.
  • Built-in Pre-save to Spotify support now integrated with our Presave Platform.
  • New modules added:
    • Call Phone Number – this module has you to encourage users to call the phone number associated with the widget. See Example…
    • Text and Mobile Opt-ins – improvements and bug fixes made.   See Example…


Pre-save Campaigns: Questions and Answers

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Why are these pre-save campaigns proving popular?

Pre-saves have become the streaming equivalent of “Pre-orders”.  You’ll be hard pressed to find an artist or a label who doesn’t understand the value of doing a “Pre-order”. Well the same principal applies to Pre-saves! Fundamentally pre-saves make obvious marketing sense – it is better to start “collecting” your Spotify “streams and adds” sooner than later! That’s essentially what a pre-save allows you to do – it allows you to start the marketing process for generating and encouraging streams well in advance of your single, EP or album’s release.


Metablocks Widgets New Features & Fixes Update (2017-06-27)

New features and bug fixes in today’s build:

  • Phone and Text application support added, phone functionality moved to phone tab
  • Translation support added, allows users to contribute to the localization process.
  • Subscription plans added.
  • Referral system in place under the settings tab.
  • New modules added:
    • Pre-save (Built-in) – this module has been updated and re-enabled for users with paid accounts
    • Text and Mobile Opt-ins – allows fans to opt-in to get mobile updates from the artist.


Metablocks Widgets – The New Retail Landing Pages

We recently released our Metablocks Widgets platform and wanted to give user with an update on some of the advanced new functionality we have recently added:


Widget Tags

Each widget on the platform has a tag or short url associated with it.  These tags have to be unique and conform to a set of standard in order for them to work on the platform.  When selecting a tag or short url for your widget or retail landing page please make sure it meets these requirements:

  • Your tag cannot be longer than 20 characters
  • Your tag cannot contain certain reserved words, these include other brand names (“metablocks”,”smarturl”,”linkfire”,”ibm”,”microsoft”, i.e.) and folder or file names that may be used by our widget platform (“manage”,”images”,”js”,”css”)
  • Your tag cannot match another existing tag. If you feel someone is using a tag name inappropriately please contact us at


Linkfire Alternatives

Linkfire provides “intelligent links” that help route fans to the music. These smart links are designed to word globally sending fans to country-specific iTunes storefronts.  There are a number of link shortening alternative work consider that are are significantly less expensive (or free), these include:


Flyt is a link shortener designed with the intention of tracking sales and helping music labels, book publisher, and other providers make money off of links. his works by giving the link creator a cut of the money made when a product is sold through that link. This feature is globalized, taking the user to the country-specific storefront. Another significant feature is API support which allows partners such as Metablocks to provide tight integration with platforms and product lines.