Metablocks Widgets New Features & Fixes Update (2017-04-11)

New features and bug fixes in today’s build:

  • Introduced “The Optimizer” feature that sorts module links based on traffic or revenue.
  • Improved SEO support for widgets including a dynamic sitemap for the platform and other meta tag enhancements.
  • supported (via OAuth) completed and tab added
  • Added “Drag and Drop” support for changing the order of modules for Chrome and Safari users.
  • Added support for deep linking with the management console
  • Added RSS support for widget galleries, accounts, plus custom RSS feed for groups of modules (see more…)
  • Added new dynamic backgrounds include Glitch, Mesh (Dark and Light), Starscape (see more…)
  • Spotify URI support added in the management console for links and Spotify embeds.
  • Pre-save to Spotify module integrated with the Pre-Save platform.
  • Billing and referral program pages added and available for testing.
  • Import feature for Smarturl, Linkfire and Tonden pages updated.
  • Amazon S3 Secure download module added (users can download a secure file in exchange for their email)
  • Photo slideshow/gallery module and support added (see example…)
  • Administrators can now upload photos directly to their photo galleries and moderate them.
  • Minor CSS changes to improved mobile support for both widget and photo galleries.
  • OAuth support added.
  • Embed code (with and without background) for widgets now available from widgets page.