Metablocks Widgets New Features & Fixes Update (2017-04-15)

New features and bug fixes in today’s build:

  • Tidal Player added based on some beta user requests (see examples...)
  • Dynamic background examples can now be found here:
  • Promotions tab added to allow users to promote their widgets via advertising and other marketing channels (as they become available)
  • Gallery Feed now available in JSON format (see example…)
  • Full-service clients (T1 or T2) can now forward their widget requests to and you will be alerted when the widget has been added to your account
  • Two new reports have been added, these include the world map and Facebook/Twitter sharing stats (see details…)
  • Zapier integration added and in beta. If you are a Zapier or IFTTT user and would like to beta test widget marketing automation, please contact us.