Linkfire Alternatives

Linkfire provides “intelligent links” that help route fans to the music. These smart links are designed to word globally sending fans to country-specific iTunes storefronts.  There are a number of link shortening alternative work consider that are are significantly less expensive (or free), these include:


Flyt is a link shortener designed with the intention of tracking sales and helping music labels, book publisher, and other providers make money off of links. his works by giving the link creator a cut of the money made when a product is sold through that link. This feature is globalized, taking the user to the country-specific storefront. Another significant feature is API support which allows partners such as Metablocks to provide tight integration with platforms and product lines.


Link Shorteners for the Music Industry

Positioning: Smart links for music marketing
Markets: Music (Only)
Launched out of Copenhagen, Denmark in 2013, and changed focus to the music industry in 2014.
Features: Targeting, Interstitial, Affiliation, Translation, Mobile Deep Linking, and Editing.
Clients: Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainament (SME)- International, Warner Music Group (WMG)
Cost: Approx 10-12K based on news sources

Positioning: Globally redirect, track and manage all of your URLs
Markets: Music, Other
Launched in late 2011 by Gupta Media, based in Boston, MA.
Features: Targeting, Interstitial, Affiliation, Translation, Retargeting, and Editing.
Clients: Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainament, Warner Music Group (WMG)
Cost: Limited free version, enterprise approx $1,000 / month