Follow Artist and Save Music Module

Follow Artist and Save Music is a 2 in 1 module which allows users to save an album/single and follow the artist with only one click.
To include this module in your widget, click on the Add Item (Retail Link or Module) button and select it from the list.

Once the module is added to your widget, click on Settings (located immediately under the module title). This opens a dialog window where you enter the Artist Spotify URI and the Album Spotify URI. If your release is a single, you should also add the single URI in spotify:album:xxxx (DO NOT enter the track URI).

The save and follow button will look like this:


Soundcloud Player Setup

The Soundcloud Player module enables users to embed a Soundcloud track in their widget. Once you created the widget, the player module can be added and set up in few easy steps.

Step 1: Select the Soundcloud Player module from the list and add it to your widget.

Step 2: When the Soundcloud Player is added to your widget, click on the Settings button:

Step 3: A dialog will appear asking you to insert the Soundcloud Player Source URL. Please note that the Soundcloud Player Source URL is not the same as the Soundcloud Url for the album/track.


Metablocks Widgets – The New Retail Landing Pages

We recently released our Metablocks Widgets platform and wanted to give user with an update on some of the advanced new functionality we have recently added:


Link Shorteners for the Music Industry

Positioning: Smart links for music marketing
Markets: Music (Only)
Launched out of Copenhagen, Denmark in 2013, and changed focus to the music industry in 2014.
Features: Targeting, Interstitial, Affiliation, Translation, Mobile Deep Linking, and Editing.
Clients: Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainament (SME)- International, Warner Music Group (WMG)
Cost: Approx 10-12K based on news sources

Positioning: Globally redirect, track and manage all of your URLs
Markets: Music, Other
Launched in late 2011 by Gupta Media, based in Boston, MA.
Features: Targeting, Interstitial, Affiliation, Translation, Retargeting, and Editing.
Clients: Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainament, Warner Music Group (WMG)
Cost: Limited free version, enterprise approx $1,000 / month


Welcome to the Metablocks Widget Blog

What is a Music or Book Widget?

A music or book widget is simple, easy to build, microsite that allows music labels, artists, book publishers and even service providers to create attractive retail link and marketing landing pages used to promote music, books and other products or services. Our music and book widgets support all common retail links but also include advanced features and functionality such as sharing, social links and even application level services such as Spotify Pre-save campaigns, sweepstakes support, email capture, video and a broad range of embeddable players.