Follow Artist and Save Music Module

Follow Artist and Save Music is a 2 in 1 module which allows users to save an album/single and follow the artist with only one click.
To include this module in your widget, click on the Add Item (Retail Link or Module) button and select it from the list.

Once the module is added to your widget, click on Settings (located immediately under the module title). This opens a dialog window where you enter the Artist Spotify URI and the Album Spotify URI. If your release is a single, you should also add the single URI in spotify:album:xxxx (DO NOT enter the track URI).

The save and follow button will look like this:


How to Embed Widgets

Our widgets can be embeded in web pages. The embed code is obtained by clicking the embed button () in dashboard.

That will open a dialog box containing two embed codes: one for embedding the widget with background and another one for embedding only the widget (no background). Choose the code suitable for you and add it to your page.


Pre-Save/Pre-Order Widget Setup

The widgets are set up as order widgets by default. This means that all texts on retail buttons (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.) read “Download” or “Order”. In order to change the text to Pre-Order, simply select “Yes” in Pre-order field when creating the widget.
For existing widgets go to “Edit Widget”

and change the Pre-order option to “Yes”.

When the album is released, come back and set the Pre-order option to “No” and all texts on buttons will be switched to “Order”/”Download”.


Soundcloud Player Setup

The Soundcloud Player module enables users to embed a Soundcloud track in their widget. Once you created the widget, the player module can be added and set up in few easy steps.

Step 1: Select the Soundcloud Player module from the list and add it to your widget.

Step 2: When the Soundcloud Player is added to your widget, click on the Settings button:

Step 3: A dialog will appear asking you to insert the Soundcloud Player Source URL. Please note that the Soundcloud Player Source URL is not the same as the Soundcloud Url for the album/track.


How to Set MP4 Video as Background

Our platform enables users to customize their widget’s background using different static or dynamic, pre-set or personalized themes. We also introduced the option to add an mp4 video as background. Whether it is a newly launched video for a song you want to promote or an exclusive video created for fans, you can maximize its exposure by posting it as background for the widget.
To add a mp4 background to your widget click on the Edit Widget button.

In Settings field add the link to your mp4 video following the structure shown below.

Then, click on Advanced Settings and select Video (MP4) as Background Effect.


Metablocks Widgets – Facebook Tabs

Our Metablocks Widgets now support Facebook page integration. What this means is that your retail link landing page can no live on the web and on Facebook. In fact we have over 5 types of Facebook page formats we support, here are some of them. These Facebook pages also have “smart links” that support mobile users (so mobile users will get the correct verison of the page).

Type: Metablocks Widget Facebook Tab
The most basic type of Facebook page integration allows you to embed a widget or retail landing page as a tab on Facebook. You can check out an example here:

Type: Spotify Player Facebook Tab
Another popular page type is the Spotify player (Apple, Tidal and Deezer versions are also supported). If your widget has a Spotify URI associated, you can add it as a embedded Spotify player on your Facebook page. This unique player also links out to your Metablocks widget, plus it allows users to follow the artist or save the album directly from the Spotify player Facebook page tab. You can check out an example here: