Pre-save Campaigns: Questions and Answers

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Why are these pre-save campaigns proving popular?

Pre-saves have become the streaming equivalent of “Pre-orders”.  You’ll be hard pressed to find an artist or a label who doesn’t understand the value of doing a “Pre-order”. Well the same principal applies to Pre-saves! Fundamentally pre-saves make obvious marketing sense – it is better to start “collecting” your Spotify “streams and adds” sooner than later! That’s essentially what a pre-save allows you to do – it allows you to start the marketing process for generating and encouraging streams well in advance of your single, EP or album’s release.


Metablocks Widgets New Features & Fixes Update (2017-06-27)

New features and bug fixes in today’s build:

  • Phone and Text application support added, phone functionality moved to phone tab
  • Translation support added, allows users to contribute to the localization process.
  • Subscription plans added.
  • Referral system in place under the settings tab.
  • New modules added:
    • Pre-save (Built-in) – this module has been updated and re-enabled for users with paid accounts
    • Text and Mobile Opt-ins – allows fans to opt-in to get mobile updates from the artist.


How to Set MP4 Video as Background

Our platform enables users to customize their widget’s background using different static or dynamic, pre-set or personalized themes. We also introduced the option to add an mp4 video as background. Whether it is a newly launched video for a song you want to promote or an exclusive video created for fans, you can maximize its exposure by posting it as background for the widget.
To add a mp4 background to your widget click on the Edit Widget button.

In Settings field add the link to your mp4 video following the structure shown below.

Then, click on Advanced Settings and select Video (MP4) as Background Effect.