Metablocks Widgets – Facebook Tabs

Our Metablocks Widgets now support Facebook page integration. What this means is that your retail link landing page can no live on the web and on Facebook. In fact we have over 5 types of Facebook page formats we support, here are some of them. These Facebook pages also have “smart links” that support mobile users (so mobile users will get the correct verison of the page).

Type: Metablocks Widget Facebook Tab
The most basic type of Facebook page integration allows you to embed a widget or retail landing page as a tab on Facebook. You can check out an example here:

Type: Spotify Player Facebook Tab
Another popular page type is the Spotify player (Apple, Tidal and Deezer versions are also supported). If your widget has a Spotify URI associated, you can add it as a embedded Spotify player on your Facebook page. This unique player also links out to your Metablocks widget, plus it allows users to follow the artist or save the album directly from the Spotify player Facebook page tab. You can check out an example here: