Ypo Agreement

YPO is seeking suppliers to be appointed under a framework agreement for the supply of network connectivity and telecommunications products and solutions. The framework is designed to meet the needs of all public sector organizations, including YPO`s internal requirements, by entering into an agreement in which the end customer places orders directly with the supplier on a “contractual basis” and the supplier delivers directly to the end customer on an agreed basis. Cost savings, easy system integration and the ability to learn from other schools using the same technology were key factors in the creation of this agreement. Large companies such as multi-academy trusts will benefit from less duplication of work and ultimately reduce waste, save costs and increase efficiency. Capita plc has entered into a four-year agreement to provide network and telecommunications services under the most recent framework of YPO, one of the uk`s largest public procurement organisations. Please take note of the framework conditions of the contract in our electronic routing system. The web address can be found under Procurement Documents in the “Communication” section of this notice. Capita has received a four-year agreement to provide educational technology services to schools and local governments under YPO`s latest framework. If I am accepted as a member, I understand that as a condition of joining YPO, I agree to comply with and comply with all YPO policies and procedures established by YPO.

These policies and procedures include, but are not limited to, all policies and procedures described in YPO`s Policies and Procedures Manual, the provisions of YPO`s Brand and License Agreement under which YPO allows its chapters to use YPO`s intellectual property rights for YPO`s business, and the policies and procedures contained in YPO`s Antitrust Compliance Program. which are described in more detail in YPO`s Antitrust Compliance Manual. Please contact your local contact if you have any questions about any of these agreements or manuals. YPO is looking for suppliers to designate for a framework agreement for the provision of PPE for emergency services and the wider public sector. It is estimated that the Framework Agreement will cover the period from 4 January 2021 to 3 January 2025. Please note that this data is not final and may change at YPO`s sole discretion. Capita was appointed under the renewed and enhanced framework of the Ministry of Labour and Pensions`s (DWP) Trade Agreement for Employment and Health-Related Services (DWP). Based in Yorkshire, YPO is one of the largest public sector procurement organisations in the UK, managed by 13 local authorities and with over 70 associate members.

YPO is constantly building partnerships with more public sector authorities to achieve efficiency savings for public sector services across the UK. Framework details: Mobile solutions Frame type: Suitable furniture for: Buildings and facilities, businesses and ICT Period: 18 February 2020 – 18 February 2022 Geographical coverage: OJEU National Framework Notice: 2019/S 242-594857 Possibilities for extension: until 18. February 2024 Our software solutions and specialized support services free up time for teachers and instructors to focus their efforts on their students. .