Execution Of Barangay Compromise Agreement

As a result, your aunt`s employee has the opportunity to obtain the agreement reached before the Baranggay, but only within six (6) months from the date of obtaining such a transaction or by filing a legal action before the competent court. The only question is whether the CA and the RTC correctly ordered the MTCC to issue the execution order. In his memoir, 6 Rollo, pp. 280-303. the petitioner argues that the CA and RTC erred in allowing the application for enforcement to be filed with the MTCC within the six-month period. The petitioner claims that the request for enforcement should have been filed with Lupon, in accordance with sections 3-12 of Rule VII of the Rules and Regulations on the Implementation of the Cataungang Pambarangay Act. That is why the petitioner argues. that the proceedings before the MTCC are void for lack of jurisdiction. Even assuming that the application for enforcement could be filed with the MTCC, the petitioner attempts to halt the execution due to overlapping events that would render the execution unjust and unjust. The petitioner claims that a relocation investigation would prove that the land that is the subject of the dispute is indeed falling in his country. In its factum, 7 Rollo, at pp.

305-383.aver, the respondent states that the CA correctly decided that the MTCC should be ordered to issue the notice of enforcement. On September 16, 1994, the MTCC issued an Order 4 of Schedule I to the petition, Rollo, pp. 205-207. The MTCC decided that, since the application for enforcement was filed more than six months after the date of the out-of-court settlement, the right recourse was to file a lawsuit for the enforcement of the award. I can honestly say that my aunt did her best to pay off her debts, but unfortunately, she still hasn`t been able to do so. Now she told me that her colleague was threatening to sue her in court for damages. Is this really possible? I mean, can she really take a case to court when they have already reached an amicable settlement? Shouldn`t it simply be allowed to impose or execute its agreement before the Baranggay? My aunt is really worried because she doesn`t want her to be brought to justice. .