Client Agreement Insurance Broker

The standard of support expected by brokers is higher than that expected by people who do not present themselves as holders of a particular capacity. Those who, like insurance brokers, pose as holders of a particular competence and who, in this context, invite habits to their activities, cannot complain if they are held responsible for the consequences of not exercising this ability when executing a client`s commission34 We will comply with data protection law when we process information about you. that is sensitive or personal, and we have guidelines and procedures for the protection and management of that information. We treat all such information about you as private and confidential and we will always ensure that your personal data is processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner, in accordance with data protection law. This may include entering into other written agreements with you so that we can comply with data protection legislation. It is important that you are aware of this and that you understand all the terms of an insurance contract that we provide to you. It is also important that you take all conditions and suspensive guarantees seriously and strictly adhere to them. Otherwise, the insurer may be allowed to deny a right from the policy. If you know that you are in breach of a warranty, you must record when the breach occurred and when the breach was corrected. You should always fix an offense as soon as possible. If the infringement is not regularable, you should report it to us as soon as possible. If you have any doubts or reservations, you should let us know.

However, the broker`s obligation must be limited by the practical availability of insurance coverage. The courts will consider the commercial reality of the insurance coverage available on the market as a final test. Brokers need to assess the risk that can be insured and then get the best coverage on the best possible terms. If brokers cannot purchase adequate insurance, they must advise their clients and obtain additional instructions.20 Brokers are required to follow the client`s instructions. It is therefore essential to clearly define and agree on what these instructions are. . . .