Bitfinex User Agreement

Bitfinex offers order books with first-class liquidity, which allows users to easily trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO and many other digital assets with a minimal slip page. We know that repeatedly entering multiple orders is not efficient and can be very laborious. To optimize this task, we have created the “Scale Commands” tool for our users. This is a type of algorithmic order that allows merchants to focus more on strategy rather than spending time manually typing orders. The tool allows our clients to automatically create multiple limit orders beyond a user-determined price range. In addition, users can use the “Auto-Extend” feature to automatically renew offers after expiration. Bitfinex allows users to act with a maximum of 5x levers by receiving funding from the peer-to-peer funding platform Margin. Bitfinex`s paper selling feature allows traders to test trading strategies in a simulated market environment without having to deposit real money. It works on sub-accounts that emulate the business functions of the main account. Develop algorithmic trading strategies, see historical price movements and improve your market research with Bitfinex Terminal. Check out all of Bitfinex`s price action data, which is accessible for free via Dazaar and for a limited time. At the same time, merchants are still in control, as they can put an end to the diversity and distribution of orders.

For more information and a tutorial on scalable controls, visit our support page. Users who wish to reduce the risks associated with the volatility of digital tokens can trade derivatives on the derivatives website. Open-ended contracts are already available and other derivatives are under development. The Bitfinex Rest and Websocket APIs have been designed to facilitate access to all the features of the Bitfinex platform and allow full integration with its own products and platforms. The creation of custom order types and automated trading strategies managed by events is no longer the responsibility of specialized negorithmic companies. We have made these strategies available to our customers through the Honey Framework integration. In addition, our latest development has made it easy to use even without programming knowledge or developer know-how.