Victorian Public Health Sector Doctors In Training Enterprise Agreement

As physicians, we encourage patients to put their health ahead of the demands of their workplace. But so often we deny ourselves the same right. The AMA Victoria DiT Subdivision is the leading group representing the interests of all physicians in training in Victoria. It can be a powerful driver of change in the health care system if it can reach its full potential. Actively engaged membership is the central element of the DiT sub-division in order to successfully preserve the strength and relevance of this organization to its members. The likelihood of the agreement being reached at this stage is low. This can only be done if the majority of doctors who vote against it in a given hospital vote against it. You have to vote yes to make sure that doesn`t happen. No, a number of conditions for specialists (excluding salary increases) are not paid if the tradesman already receives an equal or greater condition. It is a recognition that we are integrating unregulated conditions into the technical agreement in order to create protected national conditions. As doctors know, AMA Victoria and ASMOF Victoria have filed a collective dispute with all 37 health services covered by the Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreement 2018 concerning a number of ongoing litigations.

We called it a “compendium dispute,” and it`s the first of its kind in Victoria`s medical space. Unfortunately, the same principles do not apply to the bonus sign, since the text of the agreement explicitly states that the bonus must be paid to a doctor who “is subject to the agreement and who has been in the service of a health service on 1 January 2018”. We are aiming for a vote and registration of the two agreements at the end of February. During this period, we must finalize both projects with the hospital representatives and the Department of Health and Human Services must submit the final approval projects by the government. Once the authorization is granted, a vote by medical staff is held in accordance with the Fair Work Act. If the majority of doctors (who vote in support), the agreements will be submitted for approval by the Fair Work Commission. Agreements work after approval. Given the special nature of physicians` work plans, caution should be exercised when paying registration payments to ensure that each eligible physician is not paid more registration bonuses than they are entitled to. We have already submitted disputes with the FWC over the analysis payments for specialists and the training period for doctors in training. 9 Article 11 – Common Clause Redundancy provides transparent rules that apply to: redeployment; Support from the staff involved Alimony – 52 weeks; Moving Recycling Resignation for redundancy.

VHIA Podcast – Episode 14 – Redundancy The first hearing of the Compendium at WADA/ASMOF Victoria took place on Thursday, September 5 at the Fair Labour Commission (FWC). This hearing provided an opportunity for the parties to present their respective positions on the dispute. The Victorian Hospitals` Industrial Association (VHIA) told the Commissioner that it did not believe that WADA/ASMOF had exhausted all the possibilities offered by the litigation procedure in the agreement and that, therefore, the Commission should not be able to resolve most of the issues raised in the dispute. WADA/ASMOF Victoria disagrees and believes that we have complied with the requirements in litigation proceedings. The matter was discussed at the conference before a new Fair Labour Commissioner, Vice-President Young, on Thursday, February 6, where the parties will keep the Commissioner informed of the matter and the progress made on issues raised since the last conciliation hearing. The parties are likely to try to reach agreement on a conciliation timetable. The negotiating parties agreed on the following principles, which were forwarded to the health services, as well as an exhaustive list of scenarios and examples: 12, paragraph 15 – Flexible Labour AgreementsAs replacement with common clause This clause: Contains the text of the Fair Work Act 2009 – Section 65 (1).