Trade Association Membership Agreement

You are expressly prohibited from using the name and/or logo for purposes not authorized by this Agreement, including copying the name and/or logo, except for the manufacture of a single copy of the name and/or logo in machine-readable format for backup or archiving purposes. You have the right to make such copies only for your internal use. You cannot change the name and/or logo or create derivative works based on the name and/or logo or part of the name and/or logo. The name and/or logo are the property of the AEA and can only be used by a member of the AEA during the membership of that member. The terms of digital membership contracts can be implemented by: A modern view of the membership application form. It`s also reactive. You can add your logo, it finds its place depending on the width of the page. It`s good to print. The standard affiliation agreement covers the most important elements of the affiliate relationship and has been formulated in such a way as to be easily readable and understandable. Please note that each trading exchange operates a little differently and often dictates different conditions and requirements to state law and individual situations and factors.

It`s easy to manage the contact information and membership levels of new members. Many retail exchanges use both digital and paper membership requirements before switching exclusively to electronic booking of their trade rules and regulations. AEA members are open to people directly/indirect to do with the automotive industry. On the AEA ( website, you will find current membership levels, qualifications, annual benefits and contributions and annual contributions and can be updated at any time by the AEA. A simple way to have a membership registration with these online forms. Use this guide to get students to join your organization and allow them to serve their church, school or community. This guide application includes a waiting and agreement section in which students must read and accept before they can move on to other necessary pages. This student leadership app allows you to get the student`s personal information, including background, that would help you verify it. Use this guide application form to help students develop leadership and be a good citizen of their community. This model agreement was designed to allow for an exchange in collaboration with the company`s legal counsel in order to adapt the standard contract form to its specific needs and circumstances.

A request to accept applications by inviting to disclose the reason for the affiliation and previous affiliations and to inform applicants in advance of their privileges and responsibilities. In applying for membership, the applicant acknowledges that the above exclusions of liability are appropriate, taking into account, among other things, the objects of the association, the subscription to be paid for membership in the association and the availability of other sources of advice, advice or assistance for the member. These affiliation terms are a legal agreement between you/your organization (“you/you”) and the Automotive Executives Assocation (AEA), a full-fledged professional association of Condurre, Inc., which sets the terms of membership. You understand that membership fees, including the right to identify membership, only begin after being informed that your membership application has been accepted, and only as long as you are an active member of the AEA. Sign up new members for your online club. Personalize our free club registration form for free. Collect membership dues through 30 euros of payment methods. This contract is valid for the duration of your membership.

This is the period that begins after you have been informed that your application for membership has been accepted by the AEA and ends with the termination, expiry or termination of your membership in AEA or prior termination of that agreement by the AEA (“Duration”).