Seminarium Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (Ppa)

In accordance with a physical AAE, the purchaser of the company will receive a long-term AAE (usually lasting more than 10 to 15 years) with a renewable energy generator in order to take some or all of the energy generated by its facility (or asset portfolio) with a fixed price per MWh. At DLA Piper, we have first-hand experience of the win-win scenario that these PPAs offer, having advised lenders, developers and customers with their PPAs – from generators and their backers to licensed end consumers and electricity suppliers – we have implemented many of the largest European power purchase contracts for businesses in recent years. In parallel to this agreement, the purchaser of the company will have in many legal systems a contract to supply electricity with this licensed supplier, under which it will be possible to provide electricity to cover the company`s energy needs from time to time. The terms of delivery under this delivery agreement take into account electricity purchased under the AEA, which is transmitted to the supplier granted under the authorized supply contract. This ensures that the company will benefit from fixed renewable energy prices under the AAE, but the reliability of a supply agreement with a licensed electricity supplier to cover its daily energy needs. IV edycja seminarium “Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA),” to wydarzenie, ktérego celem jest przybli`enie najwa`niejszych kwestii zebranych woké PPA. Zagadnienia, jakie bédé poruszane podczas seminarium to otoczenie regulacyjne`um w PPA; zakres i konstrukcja umowy PPA; potencjalni beneficjenci, szanse, bariery i ryzyka implementacji PPA w Polsce; PPA jako alternatywa dla aukcji OZE; do-wiadczenia europejskie i wiele wiscej. 16 lipca odbédzie sié IV edycja seminarium po`wi`conego umowom PPA. Jego g`wnym celem jest wymiana do`wiadczeé ekspert`w z Polski i zagranicy, d`ca do zdefiniowania barier oraz mo`liwo`ci implementacji um`w PPA na rynku Polskim. Ze wzgl`du na sytuacje epidemiologiczné, spotkanie b`dzie realizowane w formula online – w czasie rzeczywistym. Over the past decade, many renewable energy projects have been supported by governments, feed-in tariffs, feed-in premiums, etc.