Delaware Medicaid Provider Agreement

Adult dental expenses have been updated several times. These updates include coverage of D1206 (Topical Application of Fluoride Varnish) and D1208 (Application of Fluorid-Excluding Fluorid Varnish). A supplier can charge any of these fluorinated codes 1x every 12 months. In addition, the mention was presented on D0120. The Medicaid ACO program is designed to allow qualified providers to apply as Medicaid ACOs and collaborate directly with our Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) in a TCOC payment agreement. DMMA believes that cooperation between Medicaid ACOS and MCOs helps to better coordinate the supply of Medicaid and CHIP members in Delaware, which offers better health outcomes and lower costs. We implemented the program in accordance with Section 80000 of the Department of Manual Social Services (DSSM), the authorization and regulation of Medicaid/CHIP Accountable Care Organizations. Under the legal provisions of 42 CFR 438.6 (i) (i) and 29 del.C. 7931, this regulation sets standards for the licensing and regulation of ACOs for Medicaid/CHIP receivers in the State of Delaware. Delawares Medicaid plan is an agreement between the state and the federal government that describes how Delaware manages its Medicaid program. The plan provides assurance that the state will comply with federal rules and will be eligible for federal funding for its program activities. The national plan includes groups of people to be covered, services, methods of reimbursement of suppliers and routine administrative activities in the state. 1 Subject to the MCO agreement still concluded with DMMA.

Delaware Medical Assistance Providers (DMAP) support providers who connect to the Medicaid program, receive and respond to supplier requests, verify customer merit and help submit electronic claims. (800) 999-3371. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email: Medicaid offers medical assistance to low-income families and the elderly, blind and/or disabled with rights whose incomes are insufficient to cover the necessary medical costs. Apply for Medicaid | Learn more about Medicaid Find out how Delaware is working to improve health care. You will have the opportunity to discuss with a group of experts the things that matter most to you. Like evening and weekend doctor classes to ensure medications and medical records are tracked and managed, coordinate your care with a team and even how your neighbourhood can help you heal and stay. The Delaware Healthy Children Program (CHIP) offers the same high-quality coverage you`d get with some of the best private insurance plans.