Author Agreement Ejp

All of the above guidelines and authors must ensure that the rights of third parties, such as copyright and/or moral rights. If co-authors or colleagues are interested in looking at the paper for their own use, the author concerned can make the URL available to them; A copy of the article cannot be transmitted electronically. However, they must be informed of the terms of the ASM`s copyright. (For more information, see Note that each of these downloads is taken into account in the total number of the corresponding author of 10. After 10 downloads, access is denied and can only be obtained by subscription to the magazine (individually or institutionally) or after the removal of the standard access control (i.e. 1 year after publication). The ASM embargo directive allows the publication of a press release on the date of publication of the online edition. All authors are asked to ensure that all data and materials, as well as software applications or custom code, support and satisfy their published claims. Please note that periodicals may have individual guidelines for (common) research data in accordance with disciplinary standards and expectations. Authors` Articles For Transparency, we recommend authors submit an author`s statement file in which their individual contributions to the document using relevant CRediT scrolls: conceptualization; Data cure Formal analysis Obtaining financial resources The investigation Methodology Project management Resources Software surveillance; Validation Visualization roles/writing – original design; Letter – revision – treatment. Author instructions must first be formatted with the names of the authors and the following CRediT roles. More details and an example Before submitting sets of research data as additional information, authors should read the journal`s data research policy. We recommend that you archive the search data in the data repositories if possible.

The publisher does not impose the type of contributions that justify paternity. It is recommended that authors follow paternity guidelines that apply in their specific area of research. In the absence of specific guidelines, it is recommended that authors be required to correct errors as soon as they find a significant error or inaccuracy in their published article. The author (s) is invited to contact the journal and declare that the error affects the article. A decision on the correction of the literature depends on the nature of the error.